Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Week's Theme: Skateboarding.

What a rad image from Ringo's collection, being released in book form soon.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Food + The Huffington Post

I keep trying to escape working with food, and yet, somehow, it keeps coming back to me. Ali got hooked up with a blog on the Huffington Post, and amazingly asked me to collaborate with her on the shooting and styling, and even some brain storming. The posts started last week, and will hopefully continue into oblivion. Follow us! 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bavarian Adventuring.

Zurich, Munich and Salzburg were never on my lists of places i thought i would go any time soon, but after being brought along on a sibling adventure i can now tick them off the list. Snow covered Alps, cities perched on lakes, castles high in the mountains, this part of the world is somewhere i need to do some more exploring. 

A Dusting Off.

Things have been slow on here, much slower than usual. When i moved back from London i tried jumping right back into life in New York, i thought i would be able to get going quickly, act like i hadn't skipped a beat, but my was i wrong. It's been several months now, and i still don't quite feel settled in, but luckily i feel it coming. Routines are forming. A steady job is in place. Apartment hunting has begun. Change is in the air, and it is apt that spring is awakening. With all of this said, it's been hard to feel inspired or find time to sit down and write on here, and i miss it. Hopefully by putting that into writing it will jumpstart actually making myself write more, and take more photos. It had been months since i even used my camera, and then recently i went to Zurich, Munich and Salzburg, where it was impossible not to see beautiful pictures everywhere waiting to be taken. Many of those will follow. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012: A Retrospective.


+ wonderful Fitzgerald book club
+ grandfather's funeral
+ new favorite restaurant discoveries


+ museums and markets
+ outdoor citrus
+ long days, little sunshine


+ bff birthdays
+ cozy nights in


+ cornwall adventures
+ home cooked breakfasts
+ tate curatorial internship and nonstop work


+ parks and picnics
+ new friends
+ constant baking


+ shilton adventures
+ cor's graduation
+ the biggest paella in the world


+ the end of an era, leaving violet
+ a french island jaunt
+ a trip to paris


+ spectating at the olympics in london
+ a trip to greece
+ a move back across the atlantic


+ settling into america
+ bridesmaid in a southern wedding


+ a job in nyc
+ reuniting with a childhood best friend in her new hometown
+ surviving sandy


+ first thanksgiving home in three years
+ friends come to visit


+ christmas tree buying
+ time spent at home
+ thinking, thinking, thinking