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Every year at university i would start a polaroid wall with photos taken only from the summer that had just taken place. It would look meager, perhaps 20 pictures, and i would spend far too long trying to hang each picture straight. Every year this square would take over the whole wall slowly, as i would add pictures throughout the year, ending up with around 300 by the time i was done. May would arrive, and i would painstakingly take all of the pictures down, storing them in boxes which now sit on my bookshelves at home, boxes that i can flip through and remember four years spent at sarah lawrence. This tradition is something i miss. Building a new wall of snapshots always seemed like a wonderful challenge,  filling up an entire space. In london this faded, i think partially due to the fact that whenever you're around a new group of people they just want to ask lots of questions about a polaroid camera, and you can't snap away like you would with some little digital camera you barely notice. I wasn't up for having to have another entire group of friends get acclimated to me slinging around a polaroid wherever i went. Now that i only have a few months left in london i've realized i want to capture my time here in this medium, so that i can have a london box of polaroids to sit next to the ones from new york. A new challenge awaits.