Sunday, April 29, 2012

Forest Feast.

Food photographer Erin Gleeson decided to skip town from New York and move to the woods in California, where she photographs beautiful feasts made from seasonal fruits and vegetables. I want to make everything she posts on her blog The Forest Feast. There's something that's always been really appealing to me about leaving a big city behind and making a wonderfully cozy life in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps someday.

Sitting Still.

The weather, the weather. It's what everyone talks about always in london. It's made for the start of a very lazy weekend. So far chocolate chip cookies have been made, and a pomelo and brussel sprout salad is on its way, and a roast chicken isn't far off. The rain annoyingly makes me feel like i need to be overly productive when i'm home, and this was remedied by cleaning, arranging flowers bought from the market and cooking endlessly. Sometimes i wish i was better at sitting still.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

And alas...

And alas, i'm back yet again from the magical place that is Cornwall. There were long walks along cliff paths, and jugs of gin, and late smokey nights with cards, and lots and lots of glorious music.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

An Escape.

I've escaped london and gone to the sea. Once again i'm in prussia cove, the most beautiful and indescribable place. There is music and the sound of waves everywhere you walk.

Friday, April 13, 2012


My flat lately has been quiet, and in my two flatmate's absence i accidentally filled it up with lots of flowers. I realized all too late that i bought a few bunches and then was leaving for Cornwall for the next ten days, and somehow, i'm hoping some will last that long. I won't hold my breath though.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Music for April.

Here is a mix with some new things to me, and some old, tried and true. These are the things that i've been listening to nonstop.


The past five weeks have been a serious test in endurance, and it all culminated last weekend. I got offered an amazing opportunity a few months ago to take a curatorial internship at Tate Modern, which of course i was shocked and amazed by and had to take. But this meant working six days a week, and i think a little bit of me is still recovering. I haven't quite been motivated lately to do anything but sleep, which is all i did last saturday, on my tiny tiny couch as seen above.

 It's been the kind of month that you put sweaters on the wrong way around, and trip over your computer cord, and try to grab really hot pots off the stove without thinking about it. I think March in London might be one of the harder months, the whole winter is hard here because the days last about 4 hours total (ok, not really), and it's rainy, and it is grey grey grey all the time, and March specifically is the month where it really feels like it might never end. But the thing about getting through the hard months, and the months you work harder than you feel like you've ever worked before, is that you do survive, and then you know you can do it next time. Onward into April!