Wednesday, February 15, 2012


February is really tough in London. Especially when you have to wake up most days before the sun has risen, and it feels like it is constantly dark, and grey. A specific grey that only people who have lived in London will understand. It has been bitterly cold, but the past day or two have brought a bit of hope that perhaps spring is on it's way. I'm tired of being bundled up and still being cold. A huge thing for me to say since i am definitely a winter person. It's a funny thing, months like February. They force you to savor the fun little things in your schedule and look forward to them like little beacons. A trip to Oxford was much needed last weekend, book club on the horizon, seeing the Philharmonic last night. These are all of the things that make February okay. Those, and the fact that it's citrus season. That's pretty great too.

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Brian F said...

I often think that without citrus during the London winters, I probably would've ended up in an insane asylum come February. Hang in there.