Thursday, January 19, 2012

18 January.

I think one of the most interesting things about attending a funeral are the people there and their stories of the connections they have to the lost loved one. Of course i knew my grandfather was an extraordinary man, but the little anecdotes and the people who showed up unexpectedly were what really got to me emotionally. People come out of the woodwork who expand stories of what his passage from San Francisco to India during WWII was like, and how once he helped bend some rules as an underwriter to help out a colleague, or how he made it a point to know every single person's name and where they were from at his church. Family travelled from upstate new york to attend the service and seeing them was one of the first things to make me lose my composure. I was so overjoyed that this part of our family was there that i hadn't seen since i was six years old, and it meant so much to share the day with us bringing back so many great memories. Funerals are hard, and this was no different, but what surprised me most was what bits of the day really moved me most.

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