Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Is Here...

Summer has arrived in London... i think (and i hope). Tonight sitting in the garden with a candle, two of my favorite people, some delicious dinner and a liter bottle of wine, it seemed like summer was here. It's just at that point where you try your hardest to stay outside until after sunset, trying with all your might to fight the cold that creeps in slowly. Baseball has begun, the barbeques have been dusted off and sometimes, just sometimes, it's warm enough to wear dresses without the winter staple of black tights. This said, in true London fashion, hours before, it had been the greyest day with hail coming out of no where. Summer, are you here or not?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Plastic & Film.

It's been a while since i shot on a Holga with 120 film. Actually, to be honest i can't remember the last time i didn't use one with the polaroid back i have. There's something so amazing about the anticipation of shooting a whole roll of film (or many many more) and having no idea whether any of the prints turned out... it's lucky after not having shot with a Holga in a while if two or three shots turn out, and totally expected if they're all full of light leaks and double exposures. I remember as a kid being handed a Holga by my parents and playing with it in disbelief that something so light and toylike could actually produce amazing pictures. This time around the camera came to Cornwall, a place where the surroundings make the photos and not vice versa.