Sunday, April 24, 2011

Country Air.

In the past month i've spent lots of time breathing in country air. At the beginning of April it was in Cornwall for ten days, a trip that spoiled me with views of the sea that i've seen a few times now and still completely stun me with their beauty. There's nothing quite like leaving london and hitting the barrier of fresh air that you forget you're missing out on when you're in the city smog for months on end. Your head feels clearer and your clothes smell fresher. This weekend was a jaunt to Kent, a new part of england i hadn't even seen before, and how wonderful it was. It's the kind of place that immediately feels like home with windy roads, fields full of yellowy flowers, bluebells all along the roadside and beautiful old houses. Filling up on clean sunshiney air, now i'm back in london and eager to get back to the country side as soon and as much as possible. Never too soon for a country escape.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I am sososo eager to do a country escape again soon too! I know I have to get out of London for a little bit again, just have to wait till uni deadlines are past..!

Kent or Cornwall sounds perfect - I have not been either, so might end up following your advice :)

IndiaMorgan said...

REALLY must return to London. Hoping for autumn. Will you and David bring Bryn and I here if we come?