Friday, February 25, 2011


I haven't been very inspired to write anything lately on this blog, and then today, there was some sunshine and somehow it made me feel a spark. I had forgotten how dismal february in london is. It's seriously mood altering in a way i haven't ever felt weather to be. My whole life i've enjoyed rainy days more than anyone else i know, save maybe one or two others who share my view of how completely cozy they are. However, rainy days in london aren't the same as rainy days back home. Here it isn't rain that makes a lovely noise on the window panes, instead it's a damp, cold mist that goes straight to your core and makes you shiver. And february, is day after day of that. The only upside is that when it's sunny you feel incredible.

The past two days have finally given me a bit of hope in the gloom. The sun today came and went, but while it stuck around i realized that because london has been so grey there haven't been beautiful shadows in a long time. Everything is matte. No shadow follows you around. And then today, all of the sudden, my shadow was back.

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Anonymous said...

oh man, this struck a chord. so true.