Thursday, November 18, 2010

Care Packages from Home.

There's nothing quite like the care packages that i get as a joint effort from my mother and little brother. To give you the best idea of what joy this brings me i will simply make a list of what i discovered in the latest one i received.

+ one pair frye boots i've been missing
+ one grass green sweater wrapped in ribbon for the boy
+ a box of john deere fruit snacks
+ a bag of miniature halloween candy
+ one package leopard print tissues
+ one kitten shaped hole punch
+ one package huge stick on rhinestones
+ one birthday coupon from a sushi restaurant we frequent at home
+ one portuguese postcard found by little brother at school
+ one package thank you notes
+ martha stewart cookies magazine
+ a hat my mom crocheted

I'm not positive what i'll do with it all yet, but i do know it continually makes me smile when i look at it all.

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