Saturday, May 29, 2010

Travels and travels. Cornwall edition.

It seems like all i've been doing most of the time is writing my thesis and flitting around various parts of england i've never seen before. This time around was Cornwall, and to the beautiful Porth-en-Alls in Prussia Cove. It's slightly hard to even put into words what kind of place this is, and the more people i talked to about it the more we realized we all felt the same. It's not the sort of setting you can describe, or possibly capture with a million pictures, but rather it's the kind of place you just have to go see for yourself. Once you go there once i'm pretty sure it's the sort of estate you try any way imaginable to keep getting back to. I was lucky enough to be there for a wedding, which lasted a week, and only added to the already magical nature of the place. I took nearly 500 pictures, because i couldn't stop being blown away by where i was, and the full moon over the sea didn't hinder the magical feeling either. There were sea side cliffs and houses nestled on hillsides and wildflowers and hills covered in rabbits and dirt baths and lots and lots of swimming around rocky coves. There will be many pictures to come, but first this place needed an explanation.

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