Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bits and Bobs.

Back stateside for two and a half weeks, and it seems as though i've brought the grey skies and endless rain home with me. Sorry about that guys. Somehow i've forgotten how to be guiltlessly lazy here, needing to keep busy with lists and tasks, sorting and making. It's nice to be home, know there's a true home to go home to, nonetheless, sometimes being in the states makes me realize how much i am completely in love with london. Something about it seems to feel permanently comfortable. I like knowing that here in doylestown i have my home life, the life that includes the silly amounts of baking, and a dog, and a whole family, but i also like knowing that i have my london life to go back to, it's just waiting there, leila's and albion, tiny rooms and projected movies. I feel lucky to be able to have two separate worlds, both of which i love wholeheartedly and in completely different ways.

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