Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alternate Life.

(See how many grammatical errors you can spot.)

Sometimes i like to imagine my life as a choose your own adventure, except instead of thinking about the half of the book that's happening, i like to think about the part that didn't happen. The part of the book that you skip past and usually don't return to. This past weekend my entire family flew to Alabama for a wedding in the deep south, on an army base no less. Most of you will know that there isn't really a place that could be less 'us' than Alabama. And nonetheless, this trip is something i found myself strangely wishing i was on. This is the forgotten part of the choose your own adventure. I would have been there seeing all of these things with them had i not ended up in england. They sent me pictures of their favorite bits of ridiculousness, and it's these that i will post. Oh america, i can't really say that i miss you, but my oh my you are entertaining in endless ways.

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