Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ikea for the Win.

Sometimes... when at ikea... you just have to get the $2 special. Mom and echo dashboard lunchtime.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bits and Bobs.

Back stateside for two and a half weeks, and it seems as though i've brought the grey skies and endless rain home with me. Sorry about that guys. Somehow i've forgotten how to be guiltlessly lazy here, needing to keep busy with lists and tasks, sorting and making. It's nice to be home, know there's a true home to go home to, nonetheless, sometimes being in the states makes me realize how much i am completely in love with london. Something about it seems to feel permanently comfortable. I like knowing that here in doylestown i have my home life, the life that includes the silly amounts of baking, and a dog, and a whole family, but i also like knowing that i have my london life to go back to, it's just waiting there, leila's and albion, tiny rooms and projected movies. I feel lucky to be able to have two separate worlds, both of which i love wholeheartedly and in completely different ways.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Steve McQueen Love Fest, Pt. 82349374.

A few days ago Life released these 20 never before seen pictures of Steve McQueen being... Steve McQueen. I think some of them are pretty close to perfect.

Monday, March 22, 2010

And So It Begins.

Let the dissertation on Depictions of Mealtime in Mid-Nineteenth Century French Painting begin. Is that specific enough for you?

Sometimes Moms Do It Best.

A package sent from Georgia, arriving with a smile across the ocean in London. Oh america.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Week In Review.

Every day this week seemed to have something else to look forward to. A monday afternoon spent sitting taking in the sunshine with a cup of tea outside, birthday present buying expeditions, newly found nooks to have a drink with the boy and a quick but hearty home made dinner. Tuesday lazy lunches, brownie making and present wrapping furiously before midnight strikes. Wednesday starting at the stroke of midnight, a cake presented with one solitary gold candle, a smattering of presents wrapped in brown paper, makeshift sharpie ribbons drawn on top, sleep and then a day of birthday fun. The morning spent watching bad tv in pajamas, cups of tea, a wander to the Geffrye Museum to look at a history of interior design, we notice spring is here: the crocuses have arrived, lunch at Albion fish and chips and shepherd's pie, tea outside at Leila's an addition of the boy to the galavanting birthday duo, dinner at Pizza East laughs and champagne shared by everyone and a finish to it all with drinks at swanky Lounge Bohemia. Thursday off to Oxford! The countryside flies by and we're plunged into the old streets of a smaller city, lunch with a library cracked out friend, hours at the Ashmolean finding every piece we love, Fulham game at the pub with a father and friends, then back to have dinner in a real home with a garden, something that's been missing from my life. Friday breakfast that's been left out on the counter awaiting our arrival in the kitchen, a lavish lunch on top of the Ashmolean and a train ride back into the hustle and bustle of our city. Movie screening at the Gate in Notting Hill with a Q and A with Tilda Swinton, drinks at the Steele amongst friends that have been in each others' lives since they were 12, and to top it all off a late night Kebab at Marathon. Saturday starts with a good lie in, and then an oven pancake and eggs eaten out of little wooden egg cups, marmite soldiers on home made bread. Busy busy busy, yet so relaxing and wonderful, and there's still one day left!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Arrived!

Again there's a new canal house cookbook out (number 3), and again i feel like it's such an honor to know (and be related to) the whole team that makes these happen. This beautiful edition brings us from the holiday season through the end of winter and into spring. Honestly, if you haven't already nabbed the first two you should, and then get this one too of course. You can get it on the canal house cooking website!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Steak Pies and Aaliyah On the Projector.

Today consisted of many things:

+ giddy meetings about dissertations on paintings of mealtimes in nineteenth century france.

+ ridiculous lunches in tiny restaurants that have been around since 1900.

+ watching the boys play chess while projecting aaliyah, brandy and TLC.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Yes Please.

Just cuz.

This Morning.

This morning i woke up at 7 so that i could knead some dough in time to go back to bed then bake it for breakfast. It was so worth it. Fresh apple butter made the night before paired with fresh bread. Yes.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alternate Life.

(See how many grammatical errors you can spot.)

Sometimes i like to imagine my life as a choose your own adventure, except instead of thinking about the half of the book that's happening, i like to think about the part that didn't happen. The part of the book that you skip past and usually don't return to. This past weekend my entire family flew to Alabama for a wedding in the deep south, on an army base no less. Most of you will know that there isn't really a place that could be less 'us' than Alabama. And nonetheless, this trip is something i found myself strangely wishing i was on. This is the forgotten part of the choose your own adventure. I would have been there seeing all of these things with them had i not ended up in england. They sent me pictures of their favorite bits of ridiculousness, and it's these that i will post. Oh america, i can't really say that i miss you, but my oh my you are entertaining in endless ways.

Monday, March 1, 2010