Sunday, February 21, 2010

Things fall into place.

Sometimes a day starts out so unassuming and then turns into the most ridiculous day of your life. Thursday went something like this. Class for two and a half hours: presentations on lesser known French painters from the 19th century. Lunch with a friend i haven't seen in ages that happens to be in London. Expedition to scary oxford high street to buy stacks of favorite books and cozy shirts that feel like old friends. A chance decision to go into the British Museum, because when you're passing it with time to kill and with someone else who is spontaneous, why not? A trek to Fulham, a walk through the park with beer and cider, being stopped by park police who take their gloves off to shake your hand. Fulham game and they WIN! Traditions post-game: pints at the pub, fish and chips and battered sausage. And then back home.

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