Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In Hindsight.

As a friend got into the Courtauld today, coupled with going to my last lecture tonight with my professor, i realized i never quite got time to revel in the fact that i was accepted to such an amazing place. It all happened in a whirlwind, completely surrounded by the haze that accompanied knocking out my teeth last february. There wasn't time to jump up and down in excitement and run around the house in a frenzy. Instead i was in a novocaine daze on the couch, completely exhausted, pack of ice on my face. The second of three terms is about to come to an end, the grand finale an exam that is impossible to prepare for. So much has happened these first five months, new places, new people, new everything. One more term to go, a dissertation to write, big decisions to be made. It really has been incredible.

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