Friday, January 1, 2010

2009, 2010.

2009 looked like:

Getting psyched up for my last semester of Sarah Lawrence, forgetting to eat one fateful morning before going to the gym and knocking a bunch of teeth out, learning how to deal with needles and novocaine and stitches and mostly learning about patience, meeting long time penpals turned best friends and so much more, graduating college, summertime and a full time job and learning things the hard way, flooded basements and ruined collections of books, a move across an ocean, new friends and adventures, and a lovely christmas back home.

I'm pretty sure 2009 was the worst and best year to date. Ups and downs and ups again. Onward into 2010.


More adventures, new countries, a master's earned, new and old friendships evolving, jobs gotten, a solid life starting.

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