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Home and the Other Home.

Going home means something else when you've been unreachable by anything but boat or plane for multiple months. There's always been traditions upon coming home from school that have mostly involved cooking and baking and fires and movies, but this time it means more. Schedules become necessary as you try to fit in all of the things you want to do that you miss, seeing each friend you've made promises to, having lunches with old professors and bosses. But really, it all comes together without a plan, without scheduling, and everyone appears around an impromptu meal that you cook with bottles of wine being passed around all night and stories being told.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Going Home.

Tomorrow will be my last real day in London before i head home for the first time in three months. This has been the longest expanse of time spent an airplane's ride away from home, which seems strange when i think about it for a bit. And it's especially new because it's the first time i've been coming back into my world after creating another little home in a foreign country. Sure there are bits of familiarity, a deer and rooster figurine that have made their way across an ocean, and friends who've ended up here as well, but nothing comes close to the feeling i'll get when i hear that click of the sunroom door, the sight of lily coming bounding in through the living room, my room with a big bed. I love you london, but man alive, i need to go home. America, i miss you.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cool Men & Their Music.

These pictures have been sitting on my desktop for ages now. I think it's the appropriate time for me to throw them up here. Eye candy comes in the form of crush worthy dudes and their various music listening devices.

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This is what the night looks like.

This is what the night looks like when i wake up sleepily, emerging from my room and into the kitchen. Through a big window there are these buildings that get bathed in different kinds of light depending on the day. Crisp, blue-sky light in the morning, golden light in the afternoon, and orange light cast from streetlamps once the sun has set. This is what i see at night and it always somehow looks like a dream.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You Know You've Gone Crazy When...

This is what your desktop looks like. Time to come home from england.