Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend Life.

(photos by Sascha)

This week came and went quickly, but with a lot crammed into it. Discovering streets i'd never come close to, and a farm complete with goats and pigs and an overabundance of birds, and little caf├ęs, and banana pancakes, and new markets that feel like home, and more cupcakes and carrot cake and the biggest sausages of your life, and hours spent at a pub with chalkboard walls, and long walks, and fireworks to celebrate a guy who tried to blow up parliament, and chicken pie and chips, and beers and more beers, and home cooked meals, and sitting on top of huge hills in the middle of a park watching all of london light up as darkness falls, and steak and rib dinners, and rooftop bars, and new people, and old friends.

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