Monday, November 2, 2009

November Has Arrived.

It's november now. Which means that my birthday came and went with the ushering in of the month. I think that november is the best month, but that's not just because my birthday is in it. November is when autumn really takes ahold of you, when leaves swirl around your feet, and you notice your cheeks getting rosy, and mulled wine and apple cider flow freely. It doesn't hurt having a birthday in the month too though, i won't lie.

Turning 22 doesn't feel like a big deal, but i do think that the number looks pretty, and sounds nice too. 22 is the atomic number of titanium (i have some of that in my mouth now, so that's cool), it's also the number of players on a soccer field (i like soccer) and also it's the length of a cricket pitch (culturally relevant to where i live now), in Jay-Z's song "Two 22s" he rhymes to, two and too 22 times in the first verse (i listen to a lot of jay-z), there are 22 stars in the Paramount logo (thanks dad), the F-22 is a stealth fighter jet (bad.ass.), so, basically, the long and short of it is that 22 is destined to be a good year. All of those things having to do with the number 22 point in that direction (i'll ignore the fact that the Titanic was going 22 knots when it crashed into an iceberg).

To start off this year i decided that laziness was key and thus i embarked on the longest brunch of my life. Clocking in at almost four hours, there were drinks had, many courses, friends ambling in and out, and embarrassingly and with the result of me turning a very very bright shade of red, my roommate even snuck in a plum crumble complete with a candle and Happy Birthday sung. This birthday wasn't a fussy birthday, just a simple one, and the only picture (above) that i have to show for it comes in the form of a computer snapshot of me with a cupcake i bought myself upon being ordered to do so via text message from the states, because they're necessary on your birthday (after this happened i realized that yes, this was true). Last year was momentous, more happened compressed into my 21st year than any others that i can remember. So now i sit, and i wonder what this one will have in store for me.

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