Monday, October 5, 2009

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Oh London, how i love you at times and how i hate you at others. But that's the way everything works in life right? Today was a big lesson in how to queue. Minutes tick by slower than ever, every person in front of you feels like ten. It's seeming more and more that standing in line (i'm just not going to succumb to the british way of saying it) is the norm. Everywhere. And they aren't just normal lines, that are slightly annoying, they're massive. Almost so massive that you can't be upset about it because it just seems so absurd. Waiting, waiting, waiting for everything, there's no option to ever be in a rush. Stand in line to get in the underground car. Stand in line on the escalator to get above ground. Stand in line to get out of the turnstiles. Stand in line at the library with the one old man who is making endless library IDs for newcomers who ask questions that could be answered elsewhere. Stand in line to buy some stamps. Stand in line some more at a different library, because you can't just belong to one, you must belong to two (more on this in a bit). Stand in line at the grocery store. Stand in line to buy a printer in a store so tiny it shouldn't be legal. Stand in line for dinner. Stand in line. Always waiting, tested patience, i guess this is how it's done here.

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