Monday, August 31, 2009


I find myself daydreaming up complex future plans a lot, sometimes out loud, sometimes just in my own head, and so much of the time i just think someday, someday. I hope all of those somedays come true, i really do whole heartedly. Recently i realized that i knew seemingly less about my own country than european ones that i've traveled to and it made me think that a road trip across the country is more than necessary. Everyone has to do it once, right? I've verbalized this plan already as something i want to do next year, and i'm thinking that perhaps if i write it down here and put it out into the internet world, it'll be another reason to be held to it. Maybe i'll just hop in a car with a gps, or maybe i'll pick something completely random to go to in a bunch of states across the country, or maybe i'll just take a cue from jack kerouac and follow the route he mapped. I want to make it happen.

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