Monday, August 31, 2009

So It Goes.

Today i moved out of the first apartment that was ever truly mine. A place full of only my things and one that only ever got messy if i made it that way. Where dish soap lasts a lot longer than when you share a place and where the fridge has just your food in it. It felt like a short but important chapter of my life. One that was necessary and tricky sometimes. An apartment where i had to wait around for the man to install internet, and where i had to pay con-ed bills, and make sure my rent was sent in on time. I guess this is the beginning of being a grown up. Now it's onto the next chapter: a chapter that's overseas and new. No part of me knows whether to be terrified or excited. Last year i decided keep calm and carry on was going to be my motto of senior year, then this summer someone close to me told me about how it was his life motto, i think it's a good one.

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