Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Six Month Saga.



The past six months spent at the dentist:

One tooth cracked in half. One tooth out of the bone. One tooth lost. Two teeth pushed back into mouth. Two teeth hanging on by a thread.

45 stitches in my lip. 15 dissolvable on the inside.

Two full mouth metal splints. Top and bottom.

Metal wire across the front teeth. Metal wire bonded to the back.

Scraping rubber out of teeth.

Filling in chips and nicks with cement. Blue light to harden it.

Temp fake tooth to fill a gaping hole.

Shifting teeth.

Three root canals. Then one more.

Medicated powder placed into teeth twelve times.

Novocaine eighteen times.

Cutting of gums. Drills into jawbone.

One dental implant. One more metal splint. Two more stitches. One crown.

One more root canal refilled.

Percocet. Motrin 800. Tylenol PM.

Apple sauce. Pudding. Water. Nothing hot. Nothing cold.

Eat before you work out.

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