Thursday, August 20, 2009

Never Enough.

Bookshops are one place i can never seem to walk out of empty handed. And not just with one book, but usually with two, or three, or five. I never get tired of browsing the shelves over and over, looking at every spine, debating which covers are beautiful, and which i think would be much more appealing if it was changed. I get drawn in by covers, sometimes buying books i already have because the cover rubs me just the right way. The books above are my two newest additions to the "books i want on my bookshelf because they're gorgeous editions" category. I don't think you can ever own too many books.

This summer aside from the books i had to purchase for the courtauld, i've probably bought somewhere between 10-15 other novels. Having Three Lives & Co. down the street has been the source of many of these. Some have been read, some sit at home next to my bed or on my shelves, some are in new york, and that's the thing i love about buying books. They can sit there for days, and months, and years, and they'll wait for you. They wait patiently and quietly until the right time comes and you choose to read them. 

Books above available here and here.

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