Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let's Go Live In The Woods?

(photos via design to inspire)

I love the city a lot. A lot a lot. I get wrapped up in it, and love watching people day in and day out, and love diversity, and love that i can get anything any time of the day. BUT, and this is a big but, every single day i think about how amazing it would be to run away to the woods and live with someone i love and maybe a dog and a cat. I think i could be perfectly content in my own little bubble. Instead of being in a city where i seek out nature and find it charming and rare, i would be in it. Days would be lazy and long, full of cooking and reading and maybe working once in a while when it was necessary somewhere i wasn't committed to. There would be fires and long walks and trees all around. There would be dinners that lasted hours and staring into space and reading the newspaper to get a glimpse of the life that was left behind. There would be figuring out exactly how to be happy. Someday the city will be too much, and i will run away, and you'll have to come find me in the woods.

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