Friday, August 14, 2009

Accidental Dinner Party.

Yesterday i unexpectedly stumbled upon a dinner party. Perhaps it was the surprise of going that made it seem so wonderful, but i think what really made it perfect was that it was a dinner party full of just the right mix of people. After drinks at an old boat house tucked down an alley on the canal we made our way up the steps and into a beautiful studio. A long wooden table surrounded by mismatched chairs and an assortment of silverware and people flitting all around. The food was beautiful and looked like it was straight out of the pages of a magazine, and as everyone passed the platters around it seemed liked we'd all known each other for ages.

An antiques dealer next to graphic designer next to me next to a food stylist next to a garden designer from Kentucky next to an interior decorator next to a New York developer next to a photographer. Everyone completely different yet all meshing together to make never ending conversation. A fifty year span in ages and a slew of professions. Getting to know each other slowly and becoming absorbed in what everyone had to say. Watching a husband and wife lovingly look at each and smile as they finished dinner satisfied. Hearing another couple tell a story in unison, one telling the other to shut up and the other saying she embellishes just a little bit, but in the end smiling and saying that after thirty years they know how this works. Listening to animated tales about Kentucky. Everyone working together to clear the table so that pie could be served as the sun was setting. This is how a dinner party should always feel.

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