Saturday, July 4, 2009


It begins walking home from the office when it's dark and all you can think about is getting settled into your space again. Walking past the girls in heels and minidresses gussied up and ready for the night while you are lost in your own world of tired exhaustion. Walking past the old woman who is out with her dog once more before the end of the day. Walking and listening to the same song that plays over and over that matches your paces and is turned up so that you can't hear any nighttime city noises. Walking when the light says not to because you have timed it perfectly and know you can just make it without getting hit by the constant stream of cabs. Walking to the beers you'll have on your roof. Walking and knowing that you have one block until you can see your building. Walking in zigzags to make it home quicker avoiding slow tourists taking their time. Walking past the paparazzi that always seem to stand on the corner steps away from where you buy groceries. Walking the same way day after day it becomes second nature and you don't know how you get from point a to point b. Walking to your door and smoothly putting the key in the door. Walking up the stairs and collapsing through your door onto the bed. Walking to the end of your day.

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