Friday, June 5, 2009

How Things Have Been.

Clicking on my own blog to see how it was looking these days made me realize that there is a serious lack of words on the page. I thought that perhaps i should remedy that now, as i sit here not quite sure if i want to combat the rain just yet. Here is a list of what has happened last time i talked about life. 

  • I graduated from college, and it feels pretty strange to think about never being able to say i'm an undergrad again. It doesn't feel very final though since i'm heading straight to London for grad school in the fall. 
  • I still have endless dentist appointments. Tip for the year: don't knock your teeth out. It's just not fun. 
  • I moved into a little studio in the East Village and for the first time in my life i have a place completely alone. No strangers to see awkwardly in the morning before work and no one to walk in on watching tv when you come in late at night. Just a place to be all my own, filled with all of the things that i love. 
  • I started the last few months (until i leave for the UK) of my job that i've had for three years. This probably feels the most bizarre, especially because i realized that this is one of the most flexible amazing jobs in the world. I get my own office in the city, can take as many vacations as i want, and get flown places to catalogue art. 
  • I had an amazing barbeque with all of my friends at home after school ended, and it gave me the closure to school that i needed. Nothing beats whiffle ball, cupcakes, lots of sangria, hots dogs and sparklers. 
  • I found an apartment in London with a friend who is also going to the Courtauld, which reduces my stress levels immensely. 
  • I got fingerprinted at a scary building for my visa.
Those are all of the big things. Of course there are the small things like finding a nice neighborhood bar, spending way too much on summer dresses that will be used for picnic-ing in the park and eating lots of Two Boots pizza... and there you have it.

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