Thursday, April 23, 2009


Is there anyone that exists on this planet that doesn't like photobooths? Is it something you can hate? I really love them, and seem to be on the never ending quest to hunt them down everywhere i go. I've found one trusty one in the city, once upon a time i hunted one down with a penpal in Boston and I've definitely gone to shady parts of Chicago to find one in a bowling alley. Union Pool is my go-to place in the city, not only is it a great bar with an outside area that has an old school food truck that will serve you gross things (in a delicious way) when you've gotten drunk, but it has a black and white photobooth that delivers every time. If you haven't already discovered this site, you should bookmark it. It will help you on your quest to find your friendly neighborhood photobooth. There's nothing like a little instant gratification.

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