Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Muffins & Springtime.

Sometimes i get caught up in the world of blogs in the sense that i read tons of other peoples' and forget to post in my own. I'm not exactly sure where the first half of the semester has gone (actually, that's not completely true, most of it has been spent on trains, and in cars, and in dentist's offices), but now i'm ready for spring. Right now maxine and i are patiently waiting for the streusel topped apple coffee cake muffins that we made, modified from this recipe. I think this spring will be a good one. It has to be, because it will be our last one at this school. My goal for the spring time is to appreciate all the little things about this school that i will never be able to take advantage of after this year: sitting in the sunshine on the teahaus wall, spending days watching passersby from the picnic bench in front of DL, picnics with gin and tonics on the lawn, roving parties with the party box. I cannot wait. When will you be here spring? I don't want any more of these rainy 40 degree days.

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