Saturday, January 17, 2009


Sometimes, for a split second, i forget about Polaroid's awful announcement that they would stop making film. As someone who has avidly documented my life over the past six years with my trusty Spectra, it came as sad news. Right after the story broke i got random messages and emails from my friends and family asking me what i was going to do. My gut instinct was to order enough to finish documenting my life in college, and i successfully ordered a case of film in order to do so. This was over a year ago, and now, i still feel left in the dark hoping that someone will pick up where Polaroid left off and start up production. 

This brings me to yesterday afternoon, when i found my Polaroid back for my Lomo Holga. Immediately i was deeply saddened at the thought of not being able to use this beautiful piece of equipment (which takes a less than popular format of film). After some digging i found one last box of black & white film, and set out to take some pictures. The Holgaroid takes pictures like no other camera i own. Always blurry and out of focus slightly, they evoke something dreamy and magical. The Polaroid back covers the eyehole, so every picture taken is an adventure, a surprise when you peel apart the instant film. I will surely miss this format if it truly stops being made. Here's to you Polaroid.


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