Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beautiful Books.

I have a confession. I hoard books, and not just books in general, but multiple versions of books that i couldn't refuse buying because they had covers that lured me in. I am a self proclaimed sucker when it comes to pretty things, which quite often leads me down the road of buying things that i don't really need... like stacks and stacks of coffee table books on subjects ranging from Banksy to Dogs to Dada Art. I don't even have a coffee table, but let me tell you, with the amount of so called coffee table books that i have, when i get an apartment/house, i'm going to need the biggest coffee table you've ever seen. 

During one of my trips to London last year I stumbled into a magical bookshop on Marylebone High Street called Daunt Books. It's the kind of shop you find yourself lost in for hours, but that's besides the fact. This shop introduced me to the beautiful editions of books designed by David Pearson. Now, i already own many of the books i found myself placing in the evergrowing stack beside me, but look at them, could you resist? Great Loves, Great Ideas, Great Journeys and White's Books (a series of classics) are my favorites. I challenge you not to want them all.

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